On trade costumers


On trade costumer visits, restaurant and bar/nightclub, specialists

  • Investments in the client
  • Experienced, competent and passionate
  • Dedicated area sales manager by client
  • Trainings, tastings, fairs
  • Activities and campaigns
  • Optimizing client potential

We invest in the Horeca Clients

Abere organize training, tastings and fairs regularly. Our idea is to increase knowledge of the brands and products we represent. This is why you will find a couple of hundred clients gather at The Abere Horeca tasting sessions – every second month. These tastings are truly popular and just an example of the activities Abere do to make you consider us your trusted partner.

We all live by the end customer

The laws of Norway limits marketing, but Abere will find ways to local consumers and customers. We work via wholesalers, HORECA outlets and direct distribution. Of course, we work for distribution at the 333 Vinmonopolet outlets nationwide, 3.800 hotels, bars, pubs and restaurants. For the products allowed, we work towards 3.500 grocery stores and 2500 convenience stores.


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